20 Signs of High Blood Sugar
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20 Signs of High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar (or hyperglycemia) is a symptom of diabetes. They are also a life-threatening condition. When you eat sugar or any food high on the glycemic index (GI), your blood sugar levels rise rapidly. It peaks within 45 minutes of eating. In a normal person, blood sugar begins to decrease. Returns to normal within 2 hours. When you eat foods low in the glycemic index, your blood sugar rises and stays for a long time before it drops again.

Studies suggest that many people have high blood sugar levels, but are not even aware of it. It is a time bomb because their bodies are being damaged more and more. If they are not aware of their condition, they will not change their eating habits and seek help. If you show any of these symptoms, your blood sugar may be high. A simple blood test can determine this. You may not have diabetes yet, and dietary changes and exercise will be adequate treatment.

1. Fatigue

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Excessive fatigue can be a symptom of high blood sugar levels. When you have too much glucose (sugar) in your blood, you’ll feel tired. Blood with a lot of sugar moves slower than blood with normal sugar levels. The circulatory system slows down. When this happens, organs and cells do not get the oxygen they need from the blood. High blood sugar can cause long-term damage if left untreated.

Fatigue caused by high blood sugar levels is also associated with inflammation. High sugar levels cause vasculitis.. Research shows that when blood vessels become inflamed, monocytes are released into the brain. Monocytes are immune cells. They cause fatigue.

Fatigue can also be caused by low blood sugar levels. When there is not enough sugar in the blood, the body does not get enough energy. This results in feelings of inferiority and fatigue. Fatigue with high blood sugar is accompanied by dizziness and irritability. Any amount of sleep will make her disappear. Your quality of life is affected by fatigue because you can no longer do what you want.

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