What really happens to your body when you eat an avocado every day
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What really happens to your body when you eat an avocado every day

Avocados have been everywhere for years. From guacamole to toast, this food is highly sought after if not known by nicknames like crocodile pear, midshipman butter and pearl butter, avocados are all the rage.

Technically a berry, grown in warm climates and consumed by humans for millennia, according to Central American fossils, avocados are now grown all over the world – from Israel to the Philippines, from New Zealand to the United States for flavour. And their many uses, they are also famous for their serious health benefits and relatively low nutritional value.

Although now popular (even appearing in glamorous swimsuits), there was a time in the low-fat diet when avocados were slandered When they hadn’t flown to the store before, their ride is now also irresistible as all evidence seems to the goddess green dot as an integral part of balanced food Packed full of saturated fatty acid salts, dietary fiber, and essential nutrients to help the body function better, drinking avocado is known to have tons of benefits. So what happens when you consume avocados every day?

Reap anti-aging benefits with avocados

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picture of a woman using an avocado for anti-aging facial anti-aging and fisetin anti-aging It can be used as well pomegranate anti-aging

Ponce de Leon has devoted much of his life to finding the fountain of youth in vain, investing billions of dollars a year to bite, trigger, and inject the signs of aging. Reuters reported that the global anti-aging market will reach $ 33.142 billion by 2021. Alleged creams, serums, oils and toners with time-limiting properties cost approx.

As it turns out, at least one solution that almost no dietitian and chef, Nicolette Pace, told HuffPost, “Good skin depends on a few nutrients. -ham important.

Since avocado is full of monounsaturated fats and essential fatty acids (also known as EFAs), it is a perfect warrior in the fight against aging. According to a 2012 study, we need to get them through diet and EFAs because the human body cannot make EFAs, which are essential for tissue lipid synthesis. “In other words, as nutritionist Dana James Elle puts it,” The fat is so small that it can slip through the membrane and protect cells from free radical damage. “

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